I know how to sashay, use a butterfly knife, digest foxglove, tattoo the word ‘shatterpunk’ on my heart, & offer a rose like a middle finger (or vice versa). I learned how to do all these things from lauren elma frament’s poems.
— Dalton Day, poet & dogperson
...like lace someone dipped in blood a few times.
— Ellyn Touchette, author of "The Great Right-Here" (University of Hell Press, 2016)

photo courtesy of Heidi Therrien.

lauren elma frament is a writer and restless soul living in Manchester, New Hampshire. She has performed at poetry readings and DIY / house shows across New England and in California, as well as at the Utah Arts Festival in both 2015 and 2016. A Pushcart Prize nominee, she is a staff member of the weekly poetry series Slam Free or Die. Influences include Rachel McKibbens, Rick Owens, Adrienne Droogas, Angelique Gauthier, and Kathleen Hanna. She likes cross-stitching, keeping a calendar, and standing in the front at punk shows. She has not let anyone cut her bangs since 2005. She does not like roses.