i've been wanting to start a zine for a while - i love making things & putting things together, but just never had any reason to start anything. the past few days, i have been reading Girls to the Front, Sara Marcus' book on the Riot Grrrl Revolution, & it revived something in me. i realized i didn't need to have a reason beyond simply wanting to bring grrrls together. i have always loved the grrrlpunk bands of the 90s - they shaped my grrrlhood & my whole world. yeah, the 90s are over. so what? it's still time for revolution. it's still time for grrrls around the world to speak up & speak out about all of the issues we face - all grrrls of all backgrounds.

so i'm starting a zine. submissions can be sent to grrrlfightzine@gmail.com.


we need you, grrrlfriend.